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Commercial Photography Services

Whether you need fresh images of your new menu for your website, online store or print catalog of clothes, we can create colorful images that will attract more customers to your brand and show your product in full glory.

1 - Production:

Full Day8 hours Time & Talent + Equipment - $2500

Half Day - 5 hours Time & Talent + Equipment $1700

Mini3 hours Time & Talent + Equipment $900

2 - Edit & Postproduction:

*Basic is Included

*Extensive Commercial PhotoShop Work - $100/hr

3 - License:

(How much use you need from these images)

Small Business - Email Campaign, Social Media, Website 

6 Months Exclusive - $400, 1 Year Exclusive - $800

Big Business - Nation Wide Distribution, Big Ad Compaign

6 Months Exclusive - $900, 1 Year Exclusive - $1500

4 - Travel:

Travel Expenses and time to get to and from the location ($50-800 depending on the destination)

5 - Booking Information

 Call 347-415-1381 for Details on Pricing and Schedule KeeperExpert@gmail.com

What's the cost of 1 hour of Commercial Photography:

When you are looking to create commercial images to advertise your business and bring more customers to your store, you are really getting a "fit to order" product that you can't license anywhere else, because it doesn't exist yet. 

 I am often asked to quote for 1 hour of service when in reality it goes way beyond that and includes the following:

   - Meeting or having some other form of consultation to find out what images exactly you want to have created.

   - Research and Preparation

   - Photography has always been a technically oriented trade and requires the latest greatest DSLR , Lenses, Lighting, Computer and Storage equipment that costs tens of thousands of dollars ($20 000 to well over $100 000 of investments)

   - Photography Expertise and Training to use the tools professionally and effectively (about 5 years to learn and practice the trade)

   - Travel Expenses and time to get to and from the Location ($50 - $800)

   - Edit and Post Production ($100/hr for Commercial Photoshop Editing)

   - Commercial License to use the images ($350 for 6 months in small publications to $3000 per year for national campaigns)

   - Customer Support, Backup and Storage

When you hire a professional to do the job you are getting all of the above in one package  + you save yourself a lot of money by not having to invest into all this equipment, training and other problems associated with it. You receive the images that will drive your sales and help your business grow as you focus on what you do best.

  Sergei Zhukov Feb 20, 2015

Email KeeperExpert@gmail.com or Call 347-415-1381 for a Quote

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