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Established in 2008.  I began my Photographic Career in New York with a set of mouth watering images for a local High-End Restaurant. The images were so good that a Chef from a competing restaurant offered me to be their staff Food and Event Photographer with a plan to create a Menu Book. In the mean time I worked as an apprentice in a High Volume Wedding Studio on Long Island where he learned Portrait skills and tricks of the trade. I shot hundreds of small events and weddings before finally he was offered to photograph my first wedding as the lead photographer. Learning from a working pro on the job and studying from the best Wedding Photographers in the US and Russia I was able to come up with a style that makes people relax, enjoy their time with the photographer and create the most pleasing and truthful portraits of their life time. Following my calling I started my own small photo business in 2008 and has pleased thousands of people with my work.

About Sergei:

I picked up my first camera at the age of 11 while attending a photography school and at that time was not really all that thrilled about the craft and wanted to drop out but my friend begged me to stay. Time went by, I grew up and as I progressed in my course of studies and my skills in the Dark Room improved I grew so fond of it that I photographed, printed and developed everything I laid my eye on, including images my parents had on their film collection. I spent as much of my pocket money on film and paper as I possibly could. I learned every function and mode on my teacher's camera and once a week came to a downtown photography store and eyed the camera of my dream until one day my parents took me there and bought the darned thing (a months salary worth BTW) as a birthday present. It was heavy, clunky and tough to hold still for a 13 year old boy. Color Film was a luxury for me but I found a way to afford it and my path as a photographer began.

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